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Over 12 years of experience in software development plus a PhD in Theology

Mis à jour le : 07-02-2014
Disponibilité immédiate : Oui
Mobilité géographique : Tous pays (Any country, as long as it is more or less safe)

Spécialité :

Sciences humaines - Philosophie, arts, théologie - Sciences pour l'ingénieur

Objectifs Professionnels

Develop software for scientific projects, preferably in fields like environmental conservation, oceanography, vulcanology.

Expérience de thèse

PhD in liturgical studies soutenu le  01-11-2000  à  Utrecht University  (Pays-Bas) (En cours de validation)
Laboratoire :  Institute for Ritual and Liturgical Studies

Compétences et savoir-faire

Theology: systematic theology, liturgical studies, ritual studies, empirical research, statistics, visualization. Semiotics: applying the semiotics of A.J. Greimas to architecture.
Developed software in C++, C# and Python at innovative companies in the Netherlands (4 years), Germany (6 years) and Switzerland (2 years). Deeply familiar with (embedded) Linux and QNX (RTOS). Contributed to many open-source projects. TeX, CGM, EPS, etc.
Life cycle rituals (wedding, funeral); Image processing and machine vision (algorithms, system design); Software developmen
A better understanding of how modern-day people fill in and experience religious and non-religious rituals.
Managed a four-year program to create an inspection system for glass syringes. Chaired two committees at Tilburg University.

Expérience Professionnelle

9/2005 - 3/2011
Fonction : Software Engineer
Employeur : MATRIX VISION GmbH
Ville - Pays : Oppenweiler - Allemagne
Description du poste : Developed machine vision and image processing libraries (C++ / C# / Python) and applications; tested and expanded drivers for cameras and frame grabbers; maintained various wrappers (Python / C#) and Linux ports.
1/2001 - 8/2005
Fonction : Software Engineer
Employeur : VIMEC Applied Vision Technology
Ville - Pays : Eindhoven - Pays-Bas
Description du poste : Developed and serviced, mainly in France, the USA and Mexico, visual inspection systems for pharmaceutical glass; wrote GUIs, machine vision algorithms, multi-node client-server utilities, a QNX resource manager, and QNX device drivers (C / C++).
11/1996 - 11/2000
Fonction : PhD Researcher
Employeur : Tilburg University
Ville - Pays : Tilburg - Pays-Bas
Description du poste : Wrote a doctoral dissertation (ISBN 90-9018145-8) and several articles on recent developments in how people prepare and experience their religious and non-religious wedding day rituals. Collected new data for this book through participant observations, interviews and a large scale survey. Processed and interpreted this data, e.g. with SPSS. Defended July 2, 2004.
3/1994 - 9/1994
Fonction : Editor
Employeur : Tilburg University
Ville - Pays : Tilburg - Pays-Bas
Description du poste : Edited the 191 page report "Quality Assessment of Research 1994".
7/1991 - 11/1991
Fonction : Translator Dutch-English
Employeur : Tilburg University
Ville - Pays : Tilburg - Pays-Bas
Description du poste : Translated half a book (ISBN 90-390-0063-8, pp. 11–72) from Dutch into English.
6/1989 - 7/1991
Fonction : Professor's Assistant
Employeur : Tilburg University
Ville - Pays : Tilburg - Pays-Bas
Description du poste : Assisted in the preparations for lectures and publications.
Fonction : Senior Consultant
Employeur : BeOne (Schweiz) AG
Ville - Pays : Cham - Suisse
Description du poste : - Software Consultancy & Software Development - Project Management


Dr. , Tilburg University (Netherlands)
Type de diplôme : Doctorat
Drs. in Theology / Philosophy (summa cum laude) , Tilburg University (Netherlands) / University of Notre Dame Graduate School (USA)
Type de diplôme : Master


Anglais : Bilingue
Détails : I've lived and studied in the USA
Allemand : Bilingue
Détails : I've lived and worked in Baden-Württemberg for six years and am currently living and working in Switzerland
Français : Intermédiaire
Détails : I've lived and worked in Liège for three months in the autumn of 2005
Néerlandais : Maternelle
Détails : I'm Dutch

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